A unique all-weather and high-tech arena. One of the most visited stadiums in Eastern Europe and located in the best city in the world.

Gazprom Arena


St. Petersburg's largest venue and open 365 days a year
Retractable roof
The sliding roof, which has no comparisons within Russia, means the arena can host any event in the most comfortable conditions at any time of the year.
Veried interious
The interior size of the arena is 262,000 square meters and this allows for major exhibitions,
conferences, seminars and other events.
The stadium is situated near to the city's centre and has three metro stations within walking distance.
Catering and premium services
Visitors to the stadium have access to the highest quality restaurants and other additional services for organising and holding events.
Multistory parking means you can park your car in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. You can get from your car to your seat in around 5 to 15 minutes.
Capacity of 68,000
Russia's best venue for concerts, shows and music festivals, able to host tens of thousands of visitors all year round.
"Gazprom Arena" is a space where you can support the favorite team, as well as hold an event of any scale, from a romantic date to a massive concert. We have created several offers for You regarding the lease of the Stadium.
You can rent a space at the Stadium to hold a celebration for the company of friends or a corporate meeting. We have the capacity to welcome a group of up to 2 000 people, provide the necessary equipment (sound, video projector), as well as additional services of a photographer, the decor of the space, and develop an event on a turn-key basis.
2 - 2 000 people
Business meeting
Official ceremony
If You wish to organise an event for a larger amount of guests (from 2 000 to 18 000 people), we are glad to offer one or several sectors, a part of the football field, or the entire first storey of the Stadium. We can also provide assistance in preparing Your event and lease the necessary equipment.
2 000 - 25 000 people
"Gazprom Arena" is one of the best spaces for holding large-scale events. Due to the
transformable roof and the retractable football field, it is ready to host almost 68 000 guests in any time of the year. The services complex, including security services, allow to hold any event at the highest level.
25 000 - 68 000 people
Every supporter wants to see, where exactly their favourite team "Zenit" prepares for the game, what Artem Dzyuba's locker looks like and dreams of going through a tunnel, which the football players go through for the game. "Gazprom Arena" offers an opportunity to become a participant of the Stadium Tour.
5 - 50 people


It's very simple to rent a small room or a large area of the stadium or arena. You can tell us your requirements and send us details of what you're looking for.
Or just email us
When holding negotiations or conferences, we often want to be outside of a boring office space, at the same time keeping the sense of privacy and maximum comfort.

Specially for cases like these, the 'Gazprom Arena' Stadium offers lease of the Business Club and Business Boxes for small meetings (60 guests), as well as larger events (600 guests). Press conferences and events of a banquet type are often held at the Stadium.

Leaseholders are provided with a screen of high definition, a video technician, sound equipment and other technical maintenance, as well as the catering services.

For the guests to have a quick and convenient journey to the Stadium, the participants of the events were provided with parking spaces. 'Gazprom Arena' is a fitting space for business events of any format.
The 'Leningrad' group
In October 2018 the first large-scale non-football event took place at the 'Gazprom Arena' Stadium – the 'Leningrad' group concert.

With the branding support provided by the Stadium, the event hosted a record-breaking amount of spectators – 65 110 people were able to watch the performance of the musicians. Not only the Stadium managed to accommodate all the spectators, it also ensured their most comfortable stay at the concert – the roof of the Stadium was closed, which allowed to protect the audience from the bad weather conditions and preserve the sound quality; the laid out football field freed up the space for a dancefloor; and the VIP-boxes provided a comfortable evening for the special guests.

The carefully designed logistics allowed to distribute the flow of spectators between three underground stations and avoid the public transport overload, and the car owners were provided with parking spaces.

By organising an event of this level, the 'Gazprom Arena' departments have proven that they are capable of hosting an event of any scale.

Photo by: Grigory Ignatiev
In every person's life there happen events, which they want to keep in their memory. It is natural to want such an event to not only be special, but also vivid, unusual and surprising.

A wedding at the Stadium can be one of these events. The 'Gazprom Arena' Stadium has hosted a wedding ceremony for one happy couple. Around forty people gathered in a Stadium box with the best panoramic view. It was decorated with fresh flowers and ceremonial attributes specially for the occasion.

The Stadium departments organised catering, invited a photographer, a videographer, a DJ and a host, which created a celebration at the highest level for the newly weds. For this occasion to become a memory of a lifetime, a photo shoot on the football field was organised.